My new normal

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As we've all navigated our way through this new "normal", I've resisted posting something about COVID-19.

My email inbox BLEW UP with emails from every company I've ever done business with telling me what their business practices were and how they were planning to handle things.  After the first day or so, I stopped opening them if they had COVID in the subject line and straight up deleted them.

But as a Realtor, I worry about my clients too! So I struggled with reaching out to everyone just to make sure they were OK, thinking they may be deleting those emails with the same verocity I was!   If anyone is in need, I hope they know they can always call me and I'll help if I can. 

My new normal?  My child is home from school.  He's not old enough to be able to do his assignments by himself, and after seeing some of the things his teacher wants me to teach?  Sheesh.  I, like every other parent out there, has a new found appreciation for the job teachers do.  He will sit for the morning and do his work, but beyond that?  It's a big NOPE.  There was a viral video circulating a few years ago of a mom back to school shopping at Target saying she'd had it up to HERE with her kids, and if the teacher wants 10 notebooks, she gets 10 notebooks!  Teacher wants a refrigerator? Teacher gets a refrigerator just for dealing with my kids all day long so I don't have too!  I know it's not that bad, but I will not be having an issue with buying whatever my child's teacher wants when they go back.

I've been trying to go out in the afternoons and get some exercise with him.  They HAVE to be able to get outside and burn off some of that little kid energy. It's been so good to see my neighbors out and about, and seeing how big their kids have grown.  I've noticed a bigger sense of community in my neighborhood and in our city, and I like it.   Have you noticed?  People are waving more.  Saying hi more.  That's a good thing.

Now throw into the mix I've been busy.  Many of my clients are taking on home improvement projects (as evidenced by how busy Home Depot is EVERY time I go there).   I have some clients who are getting ready to make a move, but they're uncertain as to when is the best time to act.  I also have some buyers who have to move, and are met with a very limited inventory. Unfortunately, things are getting snapped up pretty quickly, so there isn't a lot of time to make a decision.

Yes there are no more open houses, but houses can be shown by appointment.   It's business as usual for us, but just with a mask and hand sanitizer. 

Are you stressed?  Yes, I'm stressed. I don't think anyone is relaxed by this whole situation.  But I do know that we're all doing the best we can given the circumstances.  If someone hasn't told you that you're doing a good job, let me be the first to tell you that you are.  

Here's the big questions I'm hearing most often.  When should I sell?  Well, inventory is really really low right now, and there are people who are buying.  If you wait like a lot of people are, your house may go on the market and have quite a bit of competition.   My answer to you is, if you are comfortable selling your home now, I would go for it. If the thought of new people, and the germs that come with them, walking through your home and touching your things makes you uncomfortable?  Then no you shouldn't sell until you are.

From the buyer side, I'm hearing : We'd like to make a move. Should we be looking to buy?  This is a funny one because I love real estate, so I feel like I'm always looking.  Reach out to me and let me know what you're looking for.  I can set up a search for you so if something matches your criteria. it will let you know.  You definitely don't want your dream house to come on the market right now, and you not know about it. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions for me, please call me/text me/message me. I'm here, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  In these crazy times, we all need to know who is here for us!